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Dear Cindy -

I received the second check today. It is amazing that you were able to get over $2000 from my mother's items. We are impressed.

Thank you for your FAST response to my call and arranging the sale. You were responsive, efficient, caring & friendly. We appreciate all you and your staff did.

Jennifer B., Dayton OH 

Cindy from @ Your Service Estate Sales helped me with a sale of my mother's furnishings.  It took me three years to even be able to think about it but once I decided it was time, she took over and saved me from having to go through all of my mother's  things again.  The sale was a huge success!  I would recommend this service to anyone who has property to sell.  Thank you!

Diana C. , Muncie, IN

We were delighted with how our sale was organized and the results!   We recommended Cindy and her crew to our cousin who also had a sale!

Steve, Chickasaw Lake, OH.

My cousin Steve and his wife recommended @ Your Service to us.  We were moving from Dublin, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona.   They came in and sold our Florida-sized generator in a few days, set up the sale,  and it was a huge success.   We recommended their service to our neighbor, Patty, who later had a moving sale. 

Connie H., Dublin, OH.

We needed to seriously downsize and move but due to health problems I could not lift anything.   Cindy and her crew cleared out our crawl space and held a very nice sale for us.   It really helped our move across town.

Patty O., Dublin, OH.

My late brother's condo was full of really nice furniture, clothing and all of the stuff from his hobbies. I had tried to get it cleared out for over a year but was just tired of spending every weekend there.  I contacted @ Your Service Estate Sales.   Cindy came in and had a great sale and when it was over I was able to get the condo ready to sell.   I don't know what I would have done without her.

Rich M., Columbus, OH.

My mother had passed away a year ago and my brothers and I just could not find the time to clear out her house.   When my brother went to the estate sale for Ron's brother,  he told me I needed to check it out.  I went over and met Cindy then she met me at my mom's house.  They came in and did an amazing job clearing out a full basement, had the sale and then arranged for an auction company to come and buy what was left.   I even hired one of her local crew members to help clean and paint the house so I could list it for sale.  Thanks again, Cindy!

Ron F. President, logistics company, Columbus, OH.

I needed to move from my big house to a smaller one and time was running out.  Being a single mother of two, working full time and going to school,  I just didn't know what to do.   Cindy put us on her calendar and made sure the sale was done and the place cleared out before my moving date.   I was thrilled with her service.

Joyce L., Director of Admissions,  Centerville, OH.

I got Cindy's name from my friend Mary at the Senior Center.  She had done a sale for  Mary last January.  My wife had died and I had a lot of extra stuff at my house to get rid of.  Cindy helped me sell my 1964-1/2 Mustang and then had a sale at my house.She sold lots of stuff from both my garages and made a lot of room for me.  I am almost 82 years old and had surgery and was not supposed to lift more than 15 pounds, so it really helped to have her and her workers do this for me.

"Farmer" Bill,  Muncie, IN.   

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